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Empowerment Classes

Angela provides a nurturing, safe and positive environment for children to come together to connect to themselves and to one and other. Through unique, playful and fun classes they will learn the skills of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, social skills, mindful movement and self-love practices. Her classes empower children with tools and strategies to cope with day to day challenges such as anxiety, stress, ‘busy’ life, overwhelm, social difficulties, focus and confidence.


Each week the classes are planned to suit the needs of the children within the class. They are based on a theme or concept that is relevant to the children and or their developmental age. The children are provided with a supportive and fun environment to explore their mind, breath, body and soul through mindful movement, purposeful interactive games, structured open sharing space, creativity, mindfulness activities, breathing techniques, guided meditation and relaxation.





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We came to Angela on a recommendation to help my then 7 yo sold and some of his anxieties with some yoga and relaxation tools. At first he was very tentative but Angela's open heart, warmth and understanding of his needs helped him become more confident, able to monitor some of those BIG emotions, manage a calmness in him. We are forever thankful xo Angela is truely one of those amazing people that through her open heart and practices can change lives. We, as a whole family are forever grateful for having met her.

My 9 yr old daughter has been attending Angela's yoga classes for the last 2 years, they have been life changing for her and her family. She has learnt to control her breath and therefore tantrums have reduced dramatically. Angela is a fun teacher with a wealth of knowledge to teach the kids. I love how she teaches them about mindfulness and taking risks from such an early age whilst having fun. Thank you!