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Awakening the MAGIC of 2021

This 4 session workshop will give you tools to: gain the gifts/lessons and insights of 2020 (to NOT to repeat the lessons), let go of suppressed emotions and recognise any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, get clear on your 2020 vision and manifest energetically from your heart space.
Awakening the MAGIC of 2021

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Zoom sessions and Facebook Group

About The Event

Hands up if you have had a wild ride this year, be it with work, home, relationships, health, finances? Whatever it’s been for you I can assure you you’re not alone....

The most rewarding part is when we can actually look back and reflect, take all the lessons and insights/gifts and use them to move us further on our path to create a magical 2021!!!

I got some pretty direct guidance from spirit to run this 4 session workshop online via zoom (all sessions recorded).

We will be working on identifying lessons learned to ensure that those challenges are NOT repeat lessons next year, we will let go of any unprocessed emotions and identify all that is holding you back from what you desire.

We will be doing some beautiful soul aligned goal setting and vision creating, followed up with my own teachings on how to “manifest” with an epic process to get the ball rolling... yes you will actually need to take specific ACTION as well.

SO.... if.. your feeling stuck? Tired of the same patterns showing up? Ready for change? Or just want to have an amazing 2021 that could actually start NOW?

All you really need is COMMITMENT to yourself and the process.

Who’s joining me??? This is open to past and present clients - you know how I roll already and future clients if you want to connect and find out more, happy to chat!

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