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How to Meet your Children's Emotional Needs?

Are your kids meltdowns wearing you down? Unsure how to manage their anger outbursts? Feeling overwhelmed by their anxiety and attachment to you?
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How to Meet your Children's Emotional Needs?

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10 Jan, 8:00 pm
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“Emotional Needs"

I think if you asked anyone from my generation or earlier, if they had their emotional needs met, they probably wouldn’t even know what they are.

We live in a society that has been conditioned to numb out, avoid, distract and hide from those uncomfortable feels… because we weren’t taught how to feel, allow, express, release and regulate our nervous system.

Did you feel wrong, like you were too much, not enough, unloved or maybe even like a burden for feeling your emotions as a kid? Told to stop your crying, get over it or go to your room!

Research and studies have now shown us how vitally important understanding and meeting your child’s emotional needs in their early years is!

We can PREVENT the millions of children that feel isolated, alone or don’t know how to move through their emotions.

How we learn to “cope” or what we make our emotions mean as kids, leads to how we “experience” our emotions as adults!

Which then in turn… becomes our MODELLING for our kids! And the the cycle REPEATS…

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say I use to numb out, avoid and project my emotions onto someone else!

When emotions are hidden or suppressed that energy stores in the subconscious mind, nervous system and body. This energy causes harm to our bodies and minds and when triggered it feels like it’s amplified!!!

I have worked with thousands of kids to move through…



😔Panic attacks

😔Anxious attachment styles

😔Heightened or excessive energy

😔Low self esteem

If we REALLY want to change the forecasted mental health pandemic, WE need to get equipped with knowledge and tools around EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE!

Learning to NORMALISE and EMBODY our emotions will HEAL our planet.

If you want to learn more about:

💗Why your kids tantrums, meltdowns and crying triggers you

💗Healthy Emotion Release tools

💗Self Regulation and Co-Regulation tools

💗How to really support your kids “Emotional Needs”

I’m holding a workshop on Monday 10th January at 8pm!

Grab your ticket TODAY via the link in my bio - $33

Replay will be available for 72 hours 🙏

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