Be The Voice For Kids To Thrive 


Creating The Change To Move Forward

Our childhood is fundamental to building the future you dream of. This is where our values, beliefs and/or limiting beliefs are formed. I have has been in the education system for over 15 years. Working alongside parents and children to be able to provide guidance for intellectual, social, emotional and physical well being.


In order to create change in our lives we require awareness. I offer a range of services that assist teens and children to connect with their own inner guidance, establish a stronger sense of identify whilst supporting them to gain the clarity they need to solve their challenges and move positively forward with their lives.

Each child is unique and often will connect in different ways which is why I offer a variety of services to met them with where they are at 

"I recently attended a Creating Mindful Connections workshop with Ang. Ang’s approach to the workshop was refreshing and relaxed yet playful. I’ve implemented a few of the tools we learnt and they are working wonders on miss 5 and mr 2, they enjoy meditating and working with their breathe so much so they now look forward to our daily meditations. I find both kids are now happier and dealing better with their emotions. Thank you Ang for having me and I look forward to attending another of your workshops."