What is Reiki?

Reiki (universal life force energy) is used as a method of emotional and natural healing. It promotes well-being by re-balancing low energies within the body. It assists with fatigue, stress or healing within our bodies.


What is the treatment like?

During a treatment you will experience a deep relaxation, whilst energy is being administered through your body, where needed. You may experience feelings of warmth, tingling or pulsating in different areas of your body. The treatment is concluded with a light blood circulation massage.


Clients often leave feeling nurtured, peaceful, grounded and rebalanced.


As a practitioner I believe in empowering my clients to become more self-aware of the needs of their body, mind and life. Once we are aware of our needs we are able to make conscious changes towards living a positive and happy life. This is the life-long journey of self-discovery and evolution.


Post treatment

After the treatment we will discuss the areas in which there were imbalances in the flow of energy in the body. This is an important part of the treatment for you to be able to discover the causes and implement changes in your life that will promote healing.


It is recommended to give yourself some quiet time post treatment to allow the complete healing process to take place. You may experience some detoxification processes, high emotions or mood swings, tiredness or even tears. This is your body’s way of releasing energy that has not been flowing. Drink plenty of water and have some rest.


"Calm, relaxing and purposeful" - It settled me and helped me recover from severe anxiety by enabling me to feel brave and happy again.


~ Heloise 8 yrs olds


Adults and Kids Treatments available:

60 minutes - $100 (adults)

45 minutes - $80 (kids)

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